Reform Party of Arizona
Immigration Platform for National Candidates

The Executive Committee and at least 70% of the entire State Committee of the RPA have provisionally approved this document for publication. It is proposed for formal approval at the next Reform Party of Arizona State Convention. This platform applies to candidates seeking to represent Arizona in the United States Senate and House of Representatives. In recognition of the distinctly different constitutional roles played by national and state/local elected officials, a separate platform will be developed for state and local candidates.

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Illegal Immigration

Recognizing that the federal government has conspicuously failed to secure our nation's borders against illegal immigration and that its failure undermines the rule of law, violates our national sovereignty, and imposes intolerable social and fiscal burdens on the American people, the RPA supports:

No Amnesty

Not rewarding illegal immigrants for breaking the law by granting them temporary or permanent legal status (amnesty).

Employment Verification

Adopting the core recommendation of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform to eliminate the easy access to jobs that attracts illegal aliens by requiring the verification of all new employee's right to work in the USA.


Imposing sanctions including the suspension of visa privileges and cutoff of foreign aid to any country that refuses to cooperate with the U.S. either in the repatriation of its illegal alien nationals, or in preventing aliens from illegally entering the U.S. through its territory.


The effective interior enforcement of U.S. immigration laws to insure that all illegal aliens identified or apprehended by law enforcement agencies are promptly deported.

Border Control

Use of the Army, National Guard, or any other branch of the armed forces that may be required to help the Border Patrol secure our borders against illegal crossing by aliens, drug smugglers, or other criminals.

Clarify Fourteenth Amendment

A law clarifying that the Fourteenth Amendment does not give automatic U.S. citizenship to child born on U.S. soil to illegal alien parents.

Legal Immigration

While we cherish and honor America's proud immigrant history, we must recognize that our nation is no longer an unsettled frontier. Immigration has escalated to over one million a year -- the highest level in American history. Because of immigration the Census Bureau projects that U.S. population will exceed 400 million by 2050. A population that big is certain to result in vast increases in traffic congestion, overcrowded schools, urban sprawl, pressure on energy and water resources, and dwindling wilderness and wildlife areas. It will degrade or destroy our American quality of life. Therefore the Reform Party supports:


A temporary ban or "time out" on all immigration, except for spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens and permanent residents, for a period of ten years.

Traditional Limit

Thereafter, restoring America's traditional level of immigration by limiting it to 250,000 a year.

Guest Workers

Implementing a strictly controlled guest worker program that requires that guest workers demonstrate sufficient fluency in English and health to perform their jobs without special accommodations. Employers would be required to demonstrate inability to hire qualified domestic workers, not discriminate on the basis of wages or benefits, to follow all wage laws, and pay all employer taxes. Guest workers would be subject to a substantial payroll tax withholding, which is refundable after they exit the USA. Guest workers are not eligible for entitlements other than emergency medical care in case of accident.

Nuclear Families

Reforming the visa preference system to give priority to reuniting nuclear family members such as spouses and minor children, and ending the chain migration of extended family relatives.


A national campaign to assimilate legal immigrants by teaching them English and encouraging them to learn about American history, government, and civic culture.