Reform Party of Arizona
Ethics Platform for National Candidates

The Executive Committee and at least 70% of the entire State Committee of the RPA have provisionally approved this document for publication. It is proposed for formal approval at the next Reform Party of Arizona State Convention. This platform applies to candidates seeking to represent Arizona in the United States Senate and House of Representatives. In recognition of the distinctly different constitutional roles played by national and state/local elected officials, a separate platform will be developed for state and local candidates.

Please address all questions, comments, and suggestions to:

The Reform Party believes that faith in our government institutions requires our government officials to act in an honorable manner and we shall require the highest ethical conduct by all our government officials. The reforms we propose have become necessary because many government officials have seemingly misplaced their moral compasses and abdicated ethical responsibilities requisite for a Constitutional Republic to survive.

Since many government officials seem unable to distinguish right from wrong, we demand the following reforms be enacted into law:

  1. Limit gifts favors and outside sources of income while in office and after leaving.
  2. Restrict the franking privilege to direct responses to constituent contacts.
  3. Prohibit elected officials or their staff members from lobbying for five years from the time they leave government service.
  4. Without limiting a president's constitutional right to grant pardons and commute sentences, put in place and enforce pollicies and procedures for public and congressional review prior to the granting of a pardon or commutation.
  5. Empower citizens with the right to recall elected officials who engage in proven unethical behavior, violate existing law, or fail to uphold their oath of office.
  6. Require all legislation to be read by the appropriate officials before debate or votes are cast.
  7. Require all bills to address one issue only.
  8. Require all legislation to clearly cite the constitutional authority authorizing it.
  9. Require all legislation and regulation that applies to businesses and citizens to apply to government institutions and officials.